Selian Nutrition

Feeding Program deals with kids with malnutrition that includes both inpatient and outpatient but also dealing with community. The inpatient are admitted they are taking care under pediatric doctor and nurses with nutrition officer. The team together put out their skills and knowledge to manage those kids with malnutrition. They stay for few weeks or months and it depends on the kid’s situation sometimes the kid may have major diagnosis then underlying then underlying cause is malnutrition.

So after the whole process they are discharged and come back for clinic on Friday that is called Outpatient Feeding Program. On the Friday clinic different information is gathered and we conduct some trainings on good nutrition in order to prevent it from their children.

Feeding program extends to the society working closely with the Regional Nutritionist, Arusha DC Nutritionist and Local Government Officials, other stakeholders together to draw attention to the community on malnutrition . We have outreach program where we visit healthy countries, dispensaries, schools to educate them on the good nutrition.

Together we can have the great nation without children with malnutrition.